Spring flower

Tulip Flowers

Tulips pictures

The word flower have some divine power in it that just mentioning the word flower you feel fresh and a smile appears on your face with momentary heavenly pleasure.

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Gift flowers

Tulip flowers

Flowers are one of the best creations of God and when it comes to Tulip it means best among the best creations. Tulip is believed to be the flower of 'Pride and love'

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Tulip Festival

Tulip in Turkey

It is the National flower of Turkey and Iran and is a bulbous plant from tulipa genus and Lilaceae family. The Tlip festival is celebrated in many countries.

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Meaning of Tulip

Tulip in Ottaman empire of Turkey

 In Ottoman Empire of Turkey the flower was used in Turban and the word Tulip has traveled in different languages from word Turban to tulbend, tulipan and finally Tulip its present name.


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About Tulips

2015 Tulips

Tulip 2015

2015 Tulips are already blooming. This year Tulips are best. .


Types of Tulips

Tulip Species

There are around 109 species available for Tulip with size from 4 inch to 28 inches and are available in all color, pattern and sizes. Here we can discuss the major 16 divisions of Tulip flowers namely Single early, Double early, Triumph, Darwin hybrid, Single late, Lily flowered, Fringed (Crispa), Viriflora, Rembrandt, Parrot, Double late, Kaufmanniana, Fosteriana or Emperor, Griegii, Botanical species and Multi flowering.


Cultivation of Tulips

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Tulips are cultivated in temperate climate. They are the flowers of mountainous areas which basically needs periods of cool dormancy. The center of diversity for Tulips is Hindu Kush, Pamir and Tine Shan mountain hills. Its native range extends from North America, Anatolia, Iran and Southern Europe and China in North West. All species of Tulips are not cultivated together. Although it's a flower of Spring but yet which part of spring also carries an importance in Tulip cultivation.

These three categories are:

Early flowering: In this category greigii tulips, Fosteriana, Kaufmanniana, Species Tulips, Single early tulips and Dounle early Tulips are cultivated. In the beginning of spring these are cultivated.

Mid-season flowering: Darwin Hybrid Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Triumph Tulips are cultivated in mid spring season.

Late season flowering: Single Late, Rembrandt, Double Late, Lily-flowering, Viridiflora, and Fringed Tulips are cultivated in Late season of spring.


Color of Tulips

Tulips color

Every color of rainbow is available in these flowers, even black and white too. These flowers are available in almost every color and each color symbolizes something for example red tulip for expression of love, white for innocence and purity, pink for specific occasions, purple for royalty and yellow for friendship.


Tulips Festival USA

Tulips Types
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